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TrackMate Slot Car Timer For Windows. Runs on Windows 95, 98, XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7 to 10
Trackmate connects to the USB port of any Windows desktop or laptop PC.

Trackmate provides true processor independent timing accurate to 1/1000th of a second.
You can run lap based racing, time based racing in heats, races and championship modes, and have "points" based racing if you  prefer.

  1. Supports Lap and Timed Races and lane rotation
  2. Supports up to 60 racers in round robin format
  3. Works with desktops and laptops
  4. Hardware ensures accurate timing to .001 seconds even with background applications running or with program minimized
  5. Connects to USB port
  6. Sound -"Ready GO", "1 Lap remaining" etc. 
  7. Supports 1- 8 Lanes
  8. Relay to control track power - as upgrade
  9. Sorts racers on screen according to position during race   
  10. Displays - Lap Times, Best Lap, Median, lag/interval time between racers
  11. Print summary and lap times
  12. Enter racers names only once
  13. Change type of data being displayed by clicking on heading. i.e.. MPH or Best Lap
  14. Automation. Run a complete race in rotation mode without touching the keyboard or mouse
  15. Championship mode
  16. Powerful Custom Rotation Editor
  17. Auto pop-up race results
  18. option to add or subtract laps from racer after heat.
  19. Race Results  includes average number of laps per heat
  20. Rotation race supports timed and lap heats
  21. Optional warning sounds on count down timer at 1 min, 30 seconds, 10 seconds
  22. Resizing screen is possible
  23. Two styles of  count down, drag racing and Formula 1, or instant start
  24. Auto save data to text
A matched sensor system and an overhead light source is required if you select infra-red.
Sensor cables, infrared light bridge, relay for controlling track power, and track call button are all sold separately, or you can buy a "package" for best value.
This basic package includes  Interface Board, USB Cable to connect to PC, power supply, and software disc containing the latest Trackmate software.