Professor Motor PMTR2116 "Club Racer" Electronic Controller

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Note: The USA model is made for optimum 14- 19 volts on public raceways.

- Includes variable sensitivity (single knob adjust), internal aluminum heat sink, 16 gauge PVC insulated leads & nickel plated alligator clips w/boots - New "Platinum Series" transistor based technology - Recommended Applications : 1/32 & HO, home, club and commercial track racing through JK Falcon & 16D Motors

Recommended Operating Voltage Range for NZ conditions is  10 - 14 volts - POSITIVE polarity

As we no longer sell enough of this model to have them custom altered at the factory to suit our conditions, I have ceased importing this model.
HOWEVER, I can upgrade the entry level PMTR2120 controller with Professor Motor potentiometer to roughly equate to this model, by installing a PMTR2040 Variable Senstitivity Potentiometer

PMtR2040 Variable Senstitivity Potentiometer

If you order a PMTR2120 controller and PMTR2040 potentiometer,