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I have a part built modular track to sell. The modules are 1,800 x 900. It needs a short section of curve re-routed, - I have filled and sanded ready for this; and a 1mm misalignment corrected at one joint - as circled in pencil in one picture.

Lane widths are fixed 90mm apart from a squeeze at one end point for practical fit to workable minimum turn radius. Gutter mininium routed for inserting a barrier wall is about 90mm, but 100 most places.

In essence, I copied the design concept from the modular system of Slotfire in Germany; but these CADs were commissioned by me, so I own them. But the “young gun” who did them, made some small errors that neither I or the CNC shop picked up on at the time.

I was going to do this as a portable for myself and club, and sell modular systems, but ran out of steam to finish it.

Joining sections. I was thinking a couple of steel dowel type holes to ensure correct alignment, then just a couple of bolt and wingnut, or the sort of 2 part thingie you get on everything from trailers to old suitcases to pull them tight. I was going to run the braid with about a half depth rebate (about 0.4mm) in the ends of each piece, so they physically compress the braid against the end joints for reliable and easy electrical connection.

…. I think I’ve covered everything - ask again if not.

Copy of all CAD files available with any purchase.

I have 6 or so extra unmounted sheets available $25 each on their own or with the mounted ones.

Modules are all 1800 x 900 apart from the 1,100/1,200 square “L” extension with the hook turn, so overall length is 5.4 metres as pictured, 1,800 wide at one end, 3 metres at the “L” end.

All routing was done on a CNC machine from CAD files, so is very smooth.

- I also have the CAD files for these and other modules.

There are 6 modules framed ready for tape or braid rebate as pictured, and several more sheets that haven’t been framed up.

I am open to offers, as I can’t see myself ever finishing it.

Lightweight frame - each module weighs about 10kg at a guess, 9mm MDF, 6mm slot depth.

Located n Napier