Ford Capri RS Rally Montecarlo #277 50307 Slot Racing Company

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New SRC 2.0 EVO Chrono Beyond Series - Jagermeister kit


Chassis: Black (Hard)
Chassis: Podded Black (Hard) pod
Motor: SRC Boxer M3 17,000rpm  230g*cm 9.8 watts @12V (M3)  mounted as Inline
Axle & Gears - 2.38mm (3/32nd)
Gearing: Crown 24t - Pinion 10t brass
Has adjustable height front axle - by M2.5 hex screws fitted to car top and bottom
Hubs:  alloy front
, 15.8mm x 8mm, narrow hard low grip tyres
            alloy rear,  15.8 x 8mm, 100mm soft rubber tyres