BRZ Subaru drift set

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The set includes a multi voltageswitchable power supply giving options of 3, 4.5, 5, 6, 7.5, 9, and 12VDC, positive polarity power base, and
two thumb controllers with 3.5mm plugs
The 2 Subaru BRZ cars have front lights, and are very durable. The motors are a lowish powered one of 13,000 RPM
more suited to home tracks like this than anything else in the market (in our opinion).
ALSO - for families, the magnets that hold the car to the track, are adjustable from underneath the car with a simple phillips
screwdriver. The upshot of this is, you can make one car handle better than the other to help out a younger child.
NOTE: Policar controllers use a different pin wiring to Scalextric and Ninco ones, so are not a direct interchange.

See the tech document here.

New User comments:
Very impressed with the Policar track system so far, the variable voltage is awsome, my Grandsons can enjoy the racing without Papa growling about cars flying off all over the room.

I like the simplicity and lower powered motor of the little Subarus. Already raised the mags, the drive is so much like my historical Airfix slot cars which i restore and race, which by the way, go so well on the new Policar track, non magnet of course.


This entry level set is as pictured, it does not contain any borders or guardrails.
All accessories, more track, cars etc, are available ex stock. The cars use made axles and wheels and can be
replaced, as can the braid. Everything about this set is to be a durable "keeper", not a low cost consumable.

  • 90mm lane spacing
  • 8.5mm slot depth - the deepest of any brand, will run all cars including Carrera, and hobby brand RTR cars with wood guides
  • Rust resistant steel rails
  • Extra wide borders available (not included in set)
  • Automatic braking at release of trigger
  • Easy multi lane clipping system
  • It is compatible (using adaptors) with Ninco track

See the independent video review from the owner of USA's largest Slot Car Forum Home Racing World.
It was a 5 part video review, this is his final summary.