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In December of 2017 Policar; a part of, announced that they would begin production of a track system meeting the requirements of European clubs, which race mainly on plastic tracks; as well as a top quality option for home tracks.
The track has 90mm lane spacing - the same as Ninco track.

New User comments:
Very impressed with the Policar track system so far, the variable voltage is awsome, my Grandsons can enjoy the racing without Papa growling about cars flying off all over the room.

I like the simplicity and lower powered motor of the little Subarus. Already raised the mags, the drive is so much like my historical Airfix slot cars which i restore and race, which by the way, go so well on the new Policar track, non magnet of course.

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Ninco has been the most widely used club track, and the Policar track has a textured, but less abrasive surface perfectly suited
for grip when racing without traction magnets, and forgiving in dusty environments. The track is made from a rigid plastic which
will not warp, and the plastic slot liner inside the rails will not fold inwards or close up at the joints.
There is an adapter track
between the two systems. Having seen prototypes when I visited Galileo Engineering ( earlier in 2017, I can attest that
they have adopted the best aspects of other track systems, and improved joining methods, surface, and plastic composition.

These are track system size comparisons


This diagram shows clearly the comparison between curve radii of the major tracks systems
- The Policar system caters for small and large radii
with 5 steps of curve
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- Textured surface scrubs dust from tyres to maintain better grip than smooth tracks in dusty conditions
- Note the rail liner, and flat racing surface - the rails are not "raised"
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- Rigid plastic that will not warp or buckle with temperature change.

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- Slot depth 8.5mm will take wood guides
- 90mm lane spacing
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- Robust electric connection, easy to use, secure clipping system, and lined slot which will not close up at the joints
The electrical connection is very good, and the steel used is described as "rust resistant" - they are stainless steel.

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- 60mm wide border sections gives 105mm from slot centre to guard rail, great for non magnet racing
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- Robust guard rails that clip above and below track

The joining system is easy to use for smaller hands, and very good, but these clips provide additional security for
locking sections together longitudinally in more permanent layouts

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The clips pictured below in orange and red securely lock 4, 6 and 8 lane systems together laterally to eliminate gaps
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They have designed the geometry, so that a layout can have the turns altered, while retaining the main structure,
as the geometry of the various curves simply requires the addition or subtraction of half straight pieces to restore continuity.
See R1 at top, through to R4 at bottom.
Initial track will be 4 lane (R1 and R2), expanded to 8 lane at the end of the year.

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This will be a real bonus for people who like to experiment with track alterations.

In 2019, digital track pieces will be added.

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There is additional detail in the document at this link "WhyPolicar"

First test video of the new track here