Toyota GT86 - n.17 GR Gazoo Racing CT01a Policar

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The new POLICAR line of entry level models is a great way to start slot car racing with robust yet properly performing models
aimed at racing at home. We've designed these cars with our younger customers in mind: new, modern cars with worldwide appeal, working front lights, a simple one piece chassis, 'easy change' braids, and of course plastic wheels and tyres for a smooth ride. They're the models that will also be featured inside the POLICAR boxed sets.
The cars can be easily converted to digital racing with our digital in-car ICs.

Cars like this model, supplied by themselves; which may be used on plastic tracks which don't give good grip, will come with a traction magnet fitted. Ones supplied in pilicar sets which track surface offers good grip, will come without traction magnets.
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Chassis: One piece
Motor: 13,600rpm, 60 g/cm for 2.04 watts  
mounted as Inline
Axle & Gears - 2.38mm (3/32nd)
Gearing: Crown 28t - Pinion 9t nylon
Hubs: 17.3mm x 8.3mm - plastic
Tyres front and rear: Product code PT1228C1

Main features:
• Chassis: rather than the usual Policar/ chassis, we've opted for a simpler, single piece solution.
• Magnet: the cars are supplied with traction magnet, because it is likely that these models will also be used on tracks with
very limited grip, such as those found in many homes. The same cars, when found inside the boxed POLICAR sets, will not
have a traction magnets, since Policar tracks will feature adjustable power supply and good mechanical grip.
• Wheels: assembled from plastic wheels and inserts, to guarantee their roundness, a tried and tested combination on all
other POLICAR models.
• Lights: front and rear lights will be standard on all these models.
• Upgrades: most high performance racing axles, crowns, tyres and wheels may be used.
• Chassis upgrade: a 'racing' plastic chassis will be made available for these models, or alternatively, 3D printed units
will be available from our Shapeways web printing service.