Tyre Lathe NSR4401

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NOTE: The "3/32nd" axle that NSR describe for their lathe, is actually 2.37mm - which is correct for their axles and wheels.
However the other hobby slot manufacturers like Slot.it ScaleAuto, Sideways etc, make their axles and wheel holes a true 3/32nd size, which is 2.38mm
For this reason, other brand wheels will be slightly loose on the NSR axle, and tyres of other brands trued on this lathe will have a runout of 0.005mm (half the 0.01mm hole difference)

The "NSR Combined tyre machine" represents the best option among all the tooling one driver can ask for, since it has three different capabilities enclosed in one tool. The unique characteristic from which the name of "NSR Combined tyre machine" is: Along with the classic tyre truer you have the possibility to quickly machine down sponge tyres as well as running in (on the right hand side) the rubber tyres you just trued.

TYRE TRUER: on the left hand side you can true any sort of tyre either rubber than sponge and with 3/32" or 3 mm rims hole thanks to the double size axle. There is a micrometric gain regulation due to a graduated dise. By two independent switches you power the two motors that by double belt will pull the axle as well as the sand dise with a counter rotating movement to guaranty a precise and quick tyre true.

RUNNING IN TYRES: On the right hand side you install the tower carrying the 3/32" axle which carries one of the two tyre set in a position to face the other one mounted on the main axle. Switch on the main motor only and then after you have wetted with the supplied NSR 4605 oil the tyres, trough rotation of the graduated dise you make contact in between the two tyres. The generated friction will worm up the tyres to get them softer. You can leave it going in accordance to how soft you like your tyres (some drop of oil once a while is suggested).

ROUGHT SPONGE TYRE CUTTER: on the right hand side, install the tower carrying the blade by which you can quickly machine down any sponge tyres (either 3/32" than 3 mm Rim's hole) close to the dimension you need.

N.B After that you go back on the left hand side with the sand disc for the fine finish to the desired diameter.