Tyre Lathe Scaleauto SC-5072

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Professional Evo2 tyre truing machine made by Scaleauto. Designed for sanding up to two tyres at once to achieve perfectly symmetrical setup, resulting in better car performance.  For use with 3mm and 3/32nd axle wheels

Comes fitted with 3/32nd axle (2.38mm) as standard, 3mm axle in box

Comes fitted with 80 grit drum for foam tyres.
120 grit drum for rubber tyres included free as well

Scaleauto Evo2 Tyre Truing Machine Features

  • Electronic adjustable speed control
  • Enables truing 2 tyres simultaneously to perfectly true pair sets of tyres.
  • For all type of axles (3mm and  3/32 [2.38mm] )
  • Anodized aluminium CNC machined core design for a perfect alignment
  • Up to 30mm diameter tyres allowed
  • Maximum sanding stopper
  • Optical sanding measure grid
  • High quality ball bearings
  • Drum pre-assembled with sandpaper of fine 80 grit
  • Easy exchangeable multiple grain abrasive drum
  • Smooth pole motor
  • Easy to disassemble for adjusting and replacing drums, belts and cleaning
  • Complete vacuum box for dirt storage and protection
  • Vacuum cleaner fixing pole
  • Runs on supplies of 6 to 12 volt
  • Only needs a 3 amp power source
  • Spare rubber belts
  • Allen Key supplied to make adjustments
  • User Manual