Toyota JTK 63C - #151 - Fuji 500 Miles 1988 CA41b

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Chassis: Podded
Motor: V12/3 MX16  23,000rpm 170g/cm torque 9.8 watts @12 volts dc mounted as Inline
Axle & Gears - 2.38mm (3/32nd)
Gearing: Crown 28t - Pinion 9t brass
Has adjustable height front axle - this requires optional M2.0 Hex screws not supplied with car
Hubs front: Plastic
15.8mm x 8.3mm 
Hubs Rear: Alloy  16.5mm x 8.3mm
Tyres Front: PT1159C1

Tyres Rear:  PT1167C1
M2 allen key under box for rear hubs and for optional screw for front axle adjustment
SSD Upgradable:  Yes, use chip SP15b