Hey there all.
Yet another update on orders and shipping as at midday Friday 27th April.
We are still getting mixed messages about doing business, and sending out goods.


The local CourierPost drivers tell me they are still picking up from residential
and consigning through the network.

NZ Post - I am assuming like CourierPost, are still delivering mail, but we cannot
travel to a Postal agency, and I do not yet know whether they are clearing roadside
post boxes.
- We have one close to home which we could slip slender parcels of parts into.
More on that by start or April in my newsletter, as I have just posted myself a letter.

Fastways/Aramex just confirmed they are delivering the last freight arriving through
their network, but are not picking up any more freight except items designated as
being from and to essential services.

For now, I am keeping the shipping modules disabled, so you can load carts, but not
go through the checkout process.
It almost seems silly to be sending goods which all get mixed together, and may
include parcels contaminated with the virus which can live up to 3 days on hard surfaces.


There has been some confusion as to what online businesses can and cannot do.
Here is a extract from what Trade Me have come to - and I expect they have it nailed,
as they run the biggest operation involving shipping parcels in NZ

COVID-19 is an evolving situation and our courier partners have informed us today
that they can now only take bookings from essential businesses.
If a seller is an essential business they’ll be able to courier the item to you. If they aren’t
an essential business, the item will not be sent to you until we’re no longer
at alert level 4 which could be longer than four weeks.

Accordingly, I have disabled all the shipping modules on our site, so that no one can check out an order.
We still do not know whether we can send slim parcels by placing them in a Post Office roadside box.
I will keep updating information as it comes to hand.

NOTE:  You CAN still log-in and load your cart. When the level 4 status reduces to level 3, I will liven
up the shipping modules, and you will then be able to check out, and I will send all orders.

I hope that everyone who ordered Monday and Tuesday has received their deliveries okay.


Hi All

with Covid-19 now more real for most of us, I wanted to give customers a bit of update on where we are at.

- Inwards stock -  We have had one order arrival in the past month. This was from / Policar, who were waaaaay ahead of the 8 ball in Italy. They reconfigured their offices 3 weeks ago, put staff on half rotation at work, half at home, set up dedicated office spaces and personal distance. They got a round of distributor orders out, then shut the office and warehouse. They were all hunkered down with their families before Italy went into lockdown; where they remain, and all are well.

We have one shipment packed, about to leave Sideways in France, where the owner has been doing everything himself, and is also being very careful.
We are not planning to ship from anywhere else in the next few weeks. This does mean a planned order from USA will be delayed.

- Here - Having a wife with an auto-immune disease, we have closed our AirBNB, I binned hosting one last local club meet last night, and we have already put in to practice social distancing protocols. If it hits the community, we won't be waiting for reports of it arriving in HB, we will pull up the drawbridge.

- Outwards Orders - Our couriers are both already practicing sensible protocols, and I have good stocks of cars and parts for now, with a few exceptions where certain items got hoovered up while my order was en-route to NZ. We don't expect to ship from Europe again for about 3 months.
So I am able to continue shipping orders as long as we have door pickup available.
If the couriers stop calling to door, I may have to stop shipping.

Who knows what will happen in Europe - or here in the coming weeks. I SO appreciate the people who will have to continue on the "front line" at supermarkets and other retail, public health, supply chain and essential services. Thank You.

Personally, we are completely calm about this, we are just being extra careful due to my wife's situation.
We hve been continually reminded by a friend in Seattle and those in Italy "Assume it is 2 weeks ahead of what we know"
Be sensible and we should all ride this out well.
To quote from the old US Cop show Hill Street Blues - "Hey, Let's be careful out there."


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