More Information & Support

More Information & Support

We will continue to add useful information for readers of this site, including news from around the NZ and international
slot car scene, links to useful sites, tips and ideas for track design, construction, car tuning and sources of free stuff.
I try and add useful articles, "How-tos" and "where can I get" information.

Feel free to drop us a line suggesting ideas for content, and topics you would like to see covered on this site.
Our aim is to provide a one stop portal for New Zealand slot car users, enthusiasts, racers and collectors.
We have a Facebook page which allows us to offer more and faster information
about new and upcoming products, more tips and information.

Also check out the New Zealand Slot Racers Facebook Group which acts as a community input page, where group
members can share information, tips, tricks, car builds, events, get more information about slot racing, meet and greet,
and just about anything you can think of about slot  car racing in New Zealand

We welcome members to add reviews of cars and other products on our site. This helps others choose products suitable
for their purpose, and to buy with confidence.

 Click play on the play button in the centre of the video below for my (somewhat outdated) video introduction