Software & Links

Software & Links

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Slot Car Forums
Auslot Forums - the nearest to us, those boys from
"just across the ditch" and a lot of us kiwis aboard

SCI Forum

SlotForum International
- UK based, the largest forum


Blogs and Community pages

SlotRaceShop on Facebook

NZ Slot Racers Group on Facebook



Our Main Suppliers

Policar Spare Parts 2020 3MB PDF

Policar Track System

Policar BRZ Drift Set entry level set 2020 Parts Catalogue as PDF file
Link to Models and their spare parts diagrams


Useful Sites
Brands Of The World - Search and download logos for scenery

Miller Engineering - Miniature Fluoro & Neon Signs, amazing stuff

Old Slot Racer - "Luf", king of slot track construction, ideas galore

Slot Car News - Comprehensive motor specs list

PC based Software packages for permanantly installed tracks

Laptimer 2000 timing Software

Slot Car Manager - track designer (free), and timing system

Ultimate Racer, track design, car database and timing software

Race Coordinator - alternate software for use with "Trackmate" systems