Policar Track

In December of 2017 Policar; a part of Slot.it, announced that they would begin production of a track system meeting the requirements of European clubs, which race mainly on plastic tracks; as well as a top quality option for home tracks. The track has 90mm lane spacing - the same as Ninco track.

Ninco has been the most widely used club track, and the Policar track has a textured, but less abrasive surface perfectly suited for grip when racing without traction magnets, and forgiving in dusty environments. The track is made from a rigid plastic which will not warp, and the plasitc insert inside the rails will not fold inwards or close up at the joints.

It has 60mm wide borders and robust guard rails  There is an adapter track between the two systems.  Having seen prototypes when I visited Galileo Engineering (Slot.it) earlier in 2017, I can attest that they have adopted the best aspects of other track systems, and improved joining methods, surface, and plastic composition. There is additional detail in the document at this link "WhyPolicar"

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In December of 2017 Policar; a part of ...

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Policar Power Supply P003-AU

Fixed voltage regulated power supply&nb...

Power Supply 3 - 12V switchable - as in the sets

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R1 Curve 4 pack 45 degrees P009-4

4 pack of Radius 1,  45 degree cur...

R2 Curve 2 pack 45 degrees P014-2

2 pack of Radius 2,  45 degree cur...

R3 Curve 2 pack 22.5 degrees P044-2

2 pack of Radius3,  22.5 degree cu...

R4 Curve 2 pack 22.5 degrees P045-2

2 pack of Radius 4,  22.5 degree c...


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